Sunday, August 28, 2016

Review: The Girl With All The Gifts by M.R. Carey

I heard so many amazing things about this book that I just had to put it on my summer reading list. The center of this story is a young girl called Melanie and her daily life. 

The reader follows threads of story that leads them to the discovery that not only is Melanie not human but that she is living in a shattered world.

Melanie's lifeline is her teacher Miss Justineau, Melanie lives for the days when she gets Justineau as a teacher, and when the vicious outside world of zombie hordes overtake the research station Melanie risks everything to save her. While out in the world all the instincts the reserach center have repressed in her come to life. She is an infected, yet able to reason and even repress her urges somewhat. But the discovery of her origins not only shape Melanies woorld but determine the future of mankind.

This book is a slow burn. The reader is slowly shown the ropes of the world and just before the reader finds the narrative repetetive the next phase of the story kicks into gear. Lots of great action that leads to a stunning ending,

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Review : Matilda by Roald Dahl

Maybe it's because I became a Science Fiction fan at a very young age but I some how missed reading Dahl. Very suprising since I love the Willy Wonka movie. So I added Dahl to my summer reading list and I picked Matilda because it is constantly described as one of his best books.

I felt connected to Matilda immediately. She is a brilliant young girl in a family that mostly ignores her. Matilda teaches herself to read and, then discovers her local library, and a librarian that changes her life. When it comes time to enter school  she attends a very stict local school called Crunchem Hall. It is there that Matilda meets another woman who transforms her life: Miss Honey. 

Under Miss Honey's tutulage she feels comfortable in her skin and finds a power to help those she has come to at school. Her biggest challenge is Miss Trunchbull the owner of the school.

Matilda has a bit of a bite to her personality. She comes up with elobarate pranks to punish those who she feels deserve it like her Father who is a shady  car salesman.

 I loved this story. The illustrations were lovely and are integral to the story. I'm so excited to read more of Dahl's books

Review: The Cinderella Governess by Georgie Lee

 I received a complimentary download of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

It's just not summer unless I read a Harlequin romance and this one was a great read. In this novel Lee introduces us to Joanna Radcliff a young governess who is struggling on her first job. Feeling isolated Johanna finds herself breaking from good governess conduct , by having conversations with a young major ,who is in need of a wife with a nice dowry. Luke and Joanna are not supposed to fall in love but with each glance they fall deeper in love and the must fight for theor place in the world.  This was such a sweet romance with many passionate scenes. Though a happy ending is of course granted in this story , I liked the bit of dramatic tension before the lovely ending.