Friday, December 9, 2016

12 Days- Holiday Aroma Therapy

Aromatherapy is my saving grace. Especially during the Holidays. My go to company is Aura Cacia. What I love abut them is that they are affordable, available at local stores
 ( CVS, Whole Foods, and Sprouts), and many of them come  already blended.
For me aromatherapy starts and ends with Lavender:
Lavender mixes well wil lots of other oils including these:

There are also really great oil blends that you can apply right to your skin or use a carrier material like an unscented body oil or lotion. I also add Rosemary to unscented hand wash for a nice smell.

And for a hoiday state of mind there is Peppermint:

Hope you give these amazing scents a try this season!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

12 Days - My Holiday Traditions

There are things I look forward to every year during this time of year. There is a comfort in traditions, especially if you are parted from loved ones. 
            Here are some of my favorite traditions :
                    The Day After Thanksgiving

My family never participated in the Black  Friday Madness but we always: 
                          Put Up Our Christmas Tree:

Visit The Hallmark Store For a New Ornament

In the past few years I added another post Thanksgiving tradition, I visit Cost Plus World Market for their yearly giveaway:

In the past they have given away limited edition ornaments, the past few years however the have given Downton Abbey Coffee mugs. I'm Excited to see what this years giveaway is.

                                  Seasonal Musts

I also look forward to seeing a version of The Nutcracker during the holidays and maybe even adding another one to my collection:

Movie Marathons

Like during Halloween when I binge on scary movies, I love watching Holiday films as well. The Saturday after Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days to see a few films, as well as Christmas Eve.
 What are some of your Holiday Traditions? Leave a comment and enter for a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card.
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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

12 Days - Santa Baby! My Holiday Wishlist


I love making holiday wish lists!  It reminds me of  my younger days spent carrying around the Toys R Us holiday toy book and writing letters to Santa. Here is what I'm wishing for this Christmas:

                                       Attack On Titan

I continue to be obssessed with this manga. There is a wonderful new anthology and manga series being released this month and I can't wait to get them both.


Though I usually only get the Lego Advent calendars, this year I became a huge fan of the Freemaker Adventures TV show. I'm looking forward to getting the Blue Ray  of the first season and these Lego sets:

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