Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Review: Dot Journaling by Rachel Wikerson Miller

I  have heard a lot about Bullet Journaling but didn't really understand the concept until I got this great book! Within five minutes I had grabbed one of my journals and got started:

Rachel does a great job getting readers to start their own journals. She gives suggested pages but also encourages you to  tap into your inner creativity.

This book was a quick informative read and my life has become much more organized since using the Bullet Journal formula. I cant recommend this book enorgh!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Review: The sun and her flowers by rupi kaur

 Rupi's  book Milk and Honey was a breakout hit. So to say readers were hungry for a follow up book is an understatement. I was a little nervous about this book. I loved M & H so much I was worried my expectations wouldn't match the content. 
It was an unecessary worry. The most amazing thing about this book is how truly it is Rupi's work. She writes about what is dear to her. She has not changed for commercal success. 
That means some of these poems can cover dark trigger warning moments.  
I applaud Rupi's bravery and er strength. There are alos moments of light and beauty in this book that leap of the page and warm your heart.
A really nice book. If gifting be sure that the receiver can handle the emotional depths of this book.  Here is one of my favorite poems from the collection:

Monday, November 20, 2017

Series Spotlight: My Little Cities by Adams & Pizzoli

I got a surprise package from Chronicle Books this week and it contained these beautiful books:

These toddler books are written by Jennifer Adams who is known for the bestselling BabyLit board Book Series. These books are constructed in a similar fashion. The books have thick sturdy pages and smooth lines that make them perfect for toddlers. 

Greg Pizzoli does a tremendous job on the art for this series. The first thing that stood out to me was the variety of cultures represented in the books. Men and women of all races are represented and our guide through the series is a Father and Son of color. The color palate in the books is solid and bright but not overwhelming. The change in text font throughout the books gives you the sensation of movement. 

I also enjoyed the last two pages of the book which provides informational stats on all the locations showcased in the book. This is a really nice series.